Patricia is a Latina scholar with a focus on expanding power, agency and access to opportunities for those who have been historically disempowered, oppressed and displaced, especially in, but not limited to, the Global South.

Her interdisciplinary work unites two strands of inquiry: urban grassroots efforts confronting urban inequalities and the policies aiming to address such inequalities.

Methodologically, her research draws from sociocultural anthropology, aspiring to understand and interpret human experiences and social behaviors through ethnographic methods of investigation. Additionally, Patricia approaches research through an activist lens to understanding the roots of inequality and oppression, and work with those oppressed in formulating strategies to transform such conditions. 

Peer-reviewed Publications

Basile, P., & Ehlenz, M. M. (2020). Examining responses to informality in the Global South: A framework for community land trusts and informal settlements. Habitat international, 96, 102108.