Patricia Basile is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Indiana University – Bloomington. Her major fields of study include urban dispossession, housing, land and community development, with a particular focus on grassroots initiatives and social movements confronting and/or resisting injustices, oppression, and displacement, and policies aiming to confront such inequalities and their histories.

Basile holds a Ph.D. in the Constructed Environment focused on Urban Planning and International Development from the University of Virginia, a Specialization Degree in Building and Urban Sustainability from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, and a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning from the same university.

Before moving to the US, Patricia worked for several architectural and urban planning firms, including Davis Brody Bond. Her work as an architect and urban planner focused on social low-income housing and favela upgrading projects in São Paulo. Patricia also taught undergraduate courses in architecture and urban planning at the Universidade Paulista (UNIP) in São Paulo.

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